The coverage for PA insurance scheme includes journey to and from the academy and all organised activities on a 24-hour basis only in malaysia. For more information, students can refer to the Student Affairs Office to find out more about this scheme.

Your diploma is not the end of your professional education – it is a lifelong experience. If you choose to pursue further qualifications, you have the option of doing so at our partner universities. Our Student Affairs Office offers advice and liaison services, assists with applications.

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Everyone should have a chance to receive a great professional education. Our financial aid page has an extensive list of scholarships and loans students can take advantage of.

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Guiding you towards a fulfilling study experience, student counsellors are available to provide support to students who seek guidance or need assistance on various challenges encountered throughout their years of study, related to supportive problem-solving assistance for academic or personal concerns.

Students are welcome to approach our professionally-equipped counsellors or make an appointment during office hours. All discussion is held at your discretion and confidentiality is practiced.