Dual Curriculum Program

The dual curriculum program is the key feature of One World Hanxin’s Communication Course.

Upon successful completion of our two-year and four-month diploma course, you can choose to further your studies with our international partner universities. Through credit transfer policy, you can earn your bachelor’s degree at your chosen partner university within two years.


Advantage #1

Most of the other joint-degree programs are either is a 2+1 or 3+1’s arrangement, in which you will only be awarded a degree after three or four years upon completion of the entire course. With One World Hanxin, you can obtain your first diploma qualification in the first stage (28 months) before proceeding with the second stage (two years) to complete your bachelor’s degree.

Advantage #2

You are not required to complete the 2+2 dual curriculum program in a back-to-back manner, but are given complete autonomy over your plan. If you wish to take a short break after completing the diploma course, you may do so. You are always welcomed to return “home” to apply for further study.

Advantage #3

Once you have decided to further your studies, there is a list of more than ten international partner universities for you to choose from. These universities are located in different places; each of them has their own areas of expertise and resources, and they also offer different scholarships for their students. One World Hanxin has been organizing study trip to Taiwan on a yearly basis, providing an opportunity for our students to visit their prospective universities.