Located on the first floor of the campus building, the library of One World Hanxin occupied a fifth of the entire campus space, highlighting our emphasis on cultivating humanities and developing well-rounded students.

Our library offers a wide range of collections of resources and learning materials. Apart from reference resources that relevant to the current teaching and the course requirements, the library also strives to broaden the collections, particularly of arts, humanities and social science, with the objective to widen students’ horizon, to enrich their experience, and eventually paving a path that will lead them to the peaks of excellence in their learning journey.

There is also a special audio-visual section in the library, in which you can find a collection of independent films. Those who are interested in non-mainstream films are welcomed to explore the exceptional cinematography of non-Hollywood productions and to get inspired and aspired.

One World Hanxin Library welcomes donations of books and materials to help us develop our collections, especially collections on communication, humanities, art, social science and related fields. If you wish to donate, please contact us!

All academic and administrative staffs, as well as all students at One World Hanxin are automatically registered as members of the library.

Alumni and public can apply for library membership by processing the procedures in our library in person. Alumni members and public are required to pay a deposit of RM300 and annual fees of RM20 or RM35 respectively. Membership is valid for a period of one year from the date of applying for the library membership.

Deposit is refundable upon request and shall be returned when there is no due amount of fines or changes. Once deposit is refunded, the borrower’s account will be closed. Annual fee is non-refundable.

Member must present valid identification card in person in order to access or use available resources. Library materials can be returned either in person or through others. Borrowers may check out and have up to 5 items in their possession at any one time, and library materials that circulate are loaned for 28 days. If materials are returned or renewed late, overdue fines of RM0.30 per day will be charged.