Recent development in multimedia technology combining different new social media platformshas shed light on the importance of integrating shared values, emotions and experiences to establish connections and relationships between people, and even go further to exert influence.

“How to tell a story?” and “what type of story to tell?” is the pivot. When you master the skills of innovative public relations communication and creative thinking, it is when you can become a creative media expert!
Public Affairs and Communication, Introduction to Public Relations, Marketing Communication, Event Management, Public Speaking, Consumer Behavior, Social Media and Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Communication & Crisis Management.
◆Academic Advisor
Long Yew Foo

◆ Industrial Advisor
Woo Bee Ay,
Head, 988FM

◆Lecturers(Full Time/Part Time)
Chan Sai Yee
Master of Mass Communication, University Putra Malaysia,现任E-commerce specialist,教授科目:公共关系、广告学概论。
Ngan Sue Ven
Master of International Relations, The University of Nottingham,教授科目:公共传播与创意沟通、新闻英文与翻译。
Chan Yi Toong
Master in Business Administration, Binary University,教授科目:行销传播、媒体创新与创业。
Teoh Seet Heng
现任 Co-founder & Business Lead at Hexa Communications,教授科目:公关实务、活动企划。
Wong Choi Lee
In House Multimedia College,教授科目:社交媒体与行销、媒体关系与经营、公关写作。
Cheong Wey Jin
Master of Sociology, National Taiwan University,现任新闻编辑,教授科目:口语传播与演说、社会学。
Tung Wan Qing
Master of Cultural Studies, Lingnan University,教授科目:媒介、科技与社会、消费行为与文化。
Yong Kiat
Master of Sociology, National Taiwan University,教授科目:社会学、性别与媒体、媒体伦理。
Chung Lee Peng
Master in Arts, Graduate School of Journalism, Shih Hsin University of Taiwan,教授科目:数码新闻、新闻采访与写作、媒体识读。
Wong Kock Hoo
PhD. Program in Communication Studies, Shih Hsin University of Taiwan,教授科目:政治学、资讯素养。
Ng Eng Wei
Master Degree in Film Study & Bachelor Degree in Presentation Art at Communication University of China ,练声先生创办人,教授科目:节目主持。
Yap Piek Sun
Bachelor of Arts (Foreign Language), University Putra Malaysia,教授科目:人类传播。
1st Sem2nd Sem3rd Sem
Tuition FeeRM 2,800RM 2,800RM 2,800
Misc FeeRM 500RM 500RM 500
1st Sem2nd Sem3rd Sem
Tuition FeeRM 2,800RM 2,800RM 2,800
Misc FeeRM 500RM 500RM 500
1st Sem
Tuition FeeRM 1,400
Misc FeeRM 500