The Graduate School of Human Sexuality at Shu-Te University was established in May, 2000 and the doctoral program was sat up later in 2006. The program is the only accredited program of its kind in Asia. Our mission is the advancement of professional practice for educators, consultants, counselors and therapists.


The school’s objective is 1. Establishing the professional status and research base for sexology in Taiwan. 2. Teaching and researching in sexuality through the viewpoint of “Human”. 3. Training students for professionals and teachers at sexuality. 4. Exchanging and collaborating with worldwide communities of school researchers, university professors to promote its academic standard and fame internationally. Therefore, for this objective the curriculum is subdivided to 3 fields: sexual education, sexual counseling, and sexual society to offer professional knowledge.
Required Courses
Sexuality Education, Introduction to Human Sexuality. Methodology of Sexuality, Seminar, Thesis

Core Courses
Quantitative Research, Qualitative Research, Marriage and Family Therapy, Teaching Methodology for Sexuality Education, Sexuality and Society, Gender and Women Studies

Elective Courses
Sexual Attitude Restructuring, Sexual Health, Sexuality and Communication, Sexuality and Law, Sexuality Education for Parents, Marriage and Family Dynamics, Psychology of Human Sexuality, Curricular Design of Sexuality Education, Sexuality Issue Experiment, Research and Development of Creative Products in Sexuality, Sex and Violence Study, Sex Art and Literature, Theory and Practice of Sexuality Counseling, Study of Sex Therapy, History and Philosophy of Sexuality
1st Sem2nd Sem3rd Sem
Tuition FeeRM 5,400RM 5,400RM 5,400
Misc FeeRM 2,800RM 2,600RM 2,600